Monday, October 18, 2010

Random Advice For Aspiring Groomers

Things You Need to Know About Being a Groomer, Totally Off the Top of My Head
  • Toenails will always end up in your bra (if you wear one) and in your hair. You may want to jump up and down and all around before you go home.
  • Never chew gum while grooming unless you want to floss at the same time.
  • Never wear your favourite anything to work. I once even had a puppy eat one of my earrings. I declined to wait for its return.
    • A subset of this would be to avoid light colours and wear a protective apron or smock. Some products like Qwik-Stop will stain fabrics, as will some animal bodily functions.
      • A subset of that would be to not spend too much money on your protective apron or smock. It will, guaranteed, get snagged or snipped or clippered. Pockets always catch on corners and rip. I don’t even know why they have them. The only thing that ever ends up in them is nasty hair and occasionally dog poop.
  • Have a set of undergarments strictly for work. Hair weaves into the fabric no matter how well they are washed, making them a bit prickly for other wear.
  • Regular coffee mugs are unwise. Use travel mugs with a lid unless you want to be horrified when you reach the bottom of your beverage.
  • If you have sensitive skin and eyes think twice about wearing make-up to work. It attracts all the fly-away hair to your face. It can actually drive you insane.
  • The humidity and blow-drying will ensure that you never have a good hair day for long at work.
  • If you can’t wear make-up and your hair doesn’t look great, wow clients with your smile!
  • Always put the lid back on everything immediately. Dogs find it highly amusing to knock over open containers.
  • Always buy the most expensive shears that you can afford to drop on the floor.

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